About me


My name is Krista Hennings, and I’m a web designer and developer based in Washington, DC. I make websites that are clean, fun, and accessible. Think of me as the web designer next-door.

I’m a fan of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and all things design and development. On a given day you’ll find me either inside trying to learn how to make the web more enjoyable or outside enjoying something more analog. Ultimately, I want to make the web as natural and beautiful as the real world can be.

Why “kenning design”?

In addition to being a fun mash-up of my name, a kenning is a literary device in poetry. It’s a phrase that describes an object in a lovely round-about-way. Rather than being too obvious and thoughtless, a kenning teaches us new ways to interact with and think about what’s given to us.

What can I do?

I can design and code you a website from scratch with all sorts of front-end development tricks. I can also set you up on a Content Management System so that you can update your site yourself, and I can design mobile and tablet sites for you. I make standards-compliant sites for all current web browsers. I also do some print and web graphics work.

I’m currently taking clients, so email me, and we can get started creating your website together.

Web Work

SALT™ by American Student Assistance

For the past year and a half, I've worked full-time as a Software Engineer on SALT™, a website whose mission is to provide fun and educational insight to young people just starting to pay back their student loans. I worked on multiple projects with this site, including transitioning the site from an inflexible desktop-only site to a mobile-friendly responsive web app, writing CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript on a daily basis.

Pantsuit Progress

Pantsuit Progress is a (as of yet) fictional non-profit organization. I created this site with streamlined modern design in mind. Mainly an informational site, it also features a Donation page that would be great for all non-profits needing a website. I built the site with HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and jQuery.

Good Earth Restaurant

This team project was a conceptual redesign of the Good Earth Restaurant's website. I was responsible for taking Photoshop and Illustrator documents and implementing them into the website. My partners and I created this site with HTML, CSS3, and jQuery elements. This site is also a responsive layout, resizing automatically to fit iPad screens when needed.

Design Projects

landscapes.io Logo

Working with OpenWhere, I created this logo for their open-source project, landscapes.io.

Chuck It All Artists' Series

I created this brochure for a conceptual design series featuring some of my favorite artists. Adobe Illustrator and InDesign were my tools of choice for this project.

Wedding Invitations

With Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, I created these wedding invitations.